Interviewer: Could you have been in a boy band?

Ed: Fuck no. I had trouble getting signed to a record label for the way I look.

Interviewer: Ladies do you find a problem with the way he looks?

Crowd: No!

Ed: But that’s only because I’ve been given the opportunity to kind of go out there and play my music.The first glimpse of a boy band is usually the way that they look. So I probably wouldn’t have fit in the boy band. And I can’t dance either. To be fair, when I first went to record companies when I was like 17, I wasn’t really managed and I hadn’t done anything really big. I just had a lot of songs. I moved to London on my own at 16. I was a very athletic kid, but when I moved above a pub (when I was only living off of one pound a day) I just ate fries every day and the pub gave me free beer. So all I did was drink beer and eat chips. So I got very, very fat very, very, quickly. So you can imagine a fat, pale, red-cheeked, ginger kid coming in and singing you love songs. And all the guys at the record companies are like “This is not marketable.”